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Dvorak Law, Chartered provides world class legal services by using the latest information technology tools and 25+ years of experience to provide services comparable to the largest law firms at a reasonable cost.

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Dvorak Law, Chartered provides services to members of the community and to military members and their families.  We offer a full-range of regional legal services to individual and corporate clients. We earned Martindale-Hubbell’s (the gold standard in attorney ratings) of “Distinguished” a BV rating for High Professional Achievement and High Ethics.

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I am admitted to the bar in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois, with federal and state litigation experience in all three states. I am also a member of the Federal Court for each state, including the Federal Trial Bar in Illinois District. My practice areas include corporate law, business law, contract law, civil litigation, real estate transactions, construction law, business law, ad valorem tax appeals, tort law, administrative law, employment law, criminal law, family law, and probate law.


After working with my partner Mr. Tomes for nearly 25 years, he retired, and I opened Dvorak Law, Chartered.

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Successful litigation in matters ranging from injunctions against the U.S. Navy to include high-dollar settlement awards ($3.4 mm), contract disputes, civil trials, personal injury trials, criminal trials and much more.

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Consultations are taken by appointment only, but most often within a day or two or your initial call to the Firm.  We take pride in providing responsive and economic legal services to our clients.

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Everyone is entitled to a criminal defense, and at Dvorak Law Chartered, we believe you are entitled to a zealous defense from an experienced attorney. With our firm, you will receive our full attention and regular case updates.

Family Law

When working with Dvorak Law, your situation is important to us and we are sensitive to the many emotions that come with family law issues.  With our firm you will receive our full attention and regular case updates. We can help you pursue the future that you or your family needs. Our firm has a track record of success. It would be our privilege to represent you during this difficult time.


Bankruptcy can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. The process of filing for bankruptcy is stressful and the laws can be difficult to understand. We represent and guide our clients through the bankruptcy process so that they can get debt relief and keep their property.

Personal Injury

You know you’re in the right, but you’re not sure if the law or the insurance company is on your side. If you have been hurt we understand how frustrating and confusing it can be for you to know what to do next or how to move forward. With over 25 years of experience in helping people recover damages for their injuries, we have the skills to zealously pursue all remedies to which you are entitled by law. Contact us today to get the representation you need!

Estates & Probate

A probate lawyer is an attorney who, through years of mentoring, continuing legal education and experience, understands how to advise families to make plans for the disposition of their estate, to make sure they receive their fair share of entitlement, and to handle all legal issues once a relative or loved one has passed.  Dvorak Law, Chartered has this skill set and has been practicing in all aspects of probate law for years, to include decedent estates, guardianship, and conservator-ship.  Contact us and let us help you with these matters.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a multifaceted area of law that addresses the varied disputes individuals and businesses can experience. If you need to file a lawsuit or if you’ve been sued, consult with Dvorak Law right away!  We have experience in enforcing and defending contracts, debtor/creditor rights, injunctions, writs of mandamus, and much more.

Business Law

Get 30+ years of experience on your side when starting a business with Dvorak Law, Chartered. Our experience includes everything from Litigation, Non-Competes, Intellectual Property, Drafting, and more!

Ad Valorem Tax & Property Tax Appeals

Our goal is to afford our clients a cost-effective means for achieving a fair and equitable assessment of their real property and their personal property.  We have over ten years of experience appealing property assessments in Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, and other jurisdictions.  Our experience includes appeals to equalization boards, state tax agencies, trial courts, and courts of appeal.  We have a proven record of success and are prepared to represent you in the overvaluation of your commercial, residential, LIHTC, or other subsidized housing, properties.

Truck/Big Rig Accidents

Just like Auto Accidents, Truck/Big Rig Accidents often cause serious injuries and
financial losses that may be recovered for you with the proper legal representation. If you have or if someone you know has suffered any kind of injury as a result of an accident with a truck or big rig, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss the issues and possible remedies.

Motorcycle Accidents

As lawyers who ride, we are particularly in tune with all aspects associated with motorcycle accidents. We provide the same services and will attempt to recover the same losses for the same type of injuries as that may be recoverable for auto accidents and truck/big rig accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered a fatality as a result of a motorcycle accident, please contact us for a free consultation. Your case will command our immediate attention and we work hard to recover any and all damages and compensation for you that you are entitled to.

Auto Accidents

If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered a fatality as a result of an accident with another vehicle or if your injuries occurred as a result of the operation or use of a motor vehicle, you may be able to recover money for your injuries, medical bills, loss of income, loss of companionship, and other possible losses. Even the lightest head injury can lead to serious issues that should not be overlooked.

DUI & Major Traffic Offenses

Traffic violations can carry serious consequences.  Whether you have been charged with a major traffic offense, felony, or misdemeanor, or have multiple citations, you need to contact Dvorak Law, Chartered today.  We have the experience to assist in all matters large or small, and keep you on the road driving legally.


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